Monday, November 28, 2011

Walking in Suberbia

Last week I bought a pair of shoes online for the first time. I only got into the whole E-commerce thing recently and, like many others, I'm sure, I was worried about buying shoes online cause you kinda need to try them on first, right? well, since I  started buying clothes online it became increasingly tempting to try it out, especially because I have not been able to find the exact pair I wanted in a regular store. This pair has got it all- it's an everyday boot, with high but stable heels, it's got the army look going on and the rough bottom and on top of all- the oxford pattern in the front...I could not ask for more. Plus, they are definitely wearable! So for all of you out there who are scared of online shopping- don't be!  (but check for the return policy first)


I am also adding a few pics from the suburban surroundings...a few garden gnomes, the new cat we rescued a while ago and our prince- Boten the dog. 

photos by Amir


  1. love your pics. what camera/lens do you use?

  2. hi christina, thanks for your lovely comment!
    we use a Nikon D90 Body & Nikon 50 1.4 Lens