Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Bird with Blue Feathers

Finally the days are getting shorter and the skies become filled with these big, thick clouds that look like a soft fluffy blanket and I immediately get an urge to wear dramatic colors and listen to Counting Crows or some other wintery 90's music. The photos came out with this eerie feel, which was unintentional, but seems completely fitting, seeing as it is Halloween tomorrow....

Bodysuit - American Apparel 
Skirt, Belt  & Vest - Bershka
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Indonesian Market in Greece

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall In Love

This week we took a short trip to the north, got away from the noise and pressure of the city and breathed some fresh air...and it felt great. 
We used that inspiration of the open fields and the colors of fall to create this look. 
I Bought this shirt in a market in Mexico, when I was on my honeymoon; it's unique and always brings back good memories from that beautiful country and its colorful tradition. 

Shirt - Market in Mexico
Jeans - Castro
Pumps - Republic 
Gold Bands - vintage 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

That 70's Look

I've been waiting to put on this fall 70's look for a while now and during the weekend I finally felt it was getting chilly enough.  
I really like this mix and match look- a bit of the 70's, a bit of grunge and rock n' roll, a bit of urban chic all rolled into one; It's a very casual everyday look but with an edge and it's really not that difficult to obtain. 
All that's left now is to wait for some rain:)

Blouse, flare jeans, - H&M
Hat - Forever 21
Clutch, oxford pumps - News
Sunglasses - Atelier Paris
Ring - flea market

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Funny Business

This post is dedicated to the "photoshoot" my husband did for me in order to get a business-like picture that I can post to my new website (which deals with translation). The website is not ready yet but at least I nailed the business look just first it felt like a costume but after a few minutes it felt pretty natural to me. 
I just love these pictures, I think you will agree that my photographer just keeps getting better and better every week:)

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Blouse, bag & tights - H&M
skirt - Castro
pumps - News
Eyeglasses - Tom Ford
Diamond studs - vintage

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Holiday Cheers

This week was all about changes- a new year is starting just in time. 
the air has become a little less hot and everyone started feeling slightly more festive; I love this time in a year. 
Plus we made a big change by moving to the suburbs! It is definitely a huge change for a city girl like me but hey, there are some perks, for instance, I now have a back yard, which is where I took these photos of my holiday outfit, reminding me of the fall that is on its way. 
I wish everyone a happy new year, full of changes, adventures and learning.

 Skirt- Asos
Tube top - made by my sister 
Pumps- News