Saturday, January 28, 2012

Smells like teen spirit

Every now and again I get this feeling like I'm a teenager again, back in the good old 1990's. 
It's a strange feeling but the 90's fashion that's coming back in style isn't helping one bit!
No doubt that the 90's style was a counter reaction to the very gay and colorful 80's, so we wore a lot of black, denim and t-shirts, meaning the outcome was generally casual and unsophisticated. 
I specifically remember a wide legged checkered pants I wore to school when I saw these at the store I suddenly felt like hopping in to my Delorean and go back in time:)
Kudos to Axl Rose, the idol of my teen years, for inspiring me to wear this belt.

photos by Amir

Forever 21 pants; H&M sweater and clutch; flea market belt, necklace & rings; Romwe Shoes; Gant sunglasses

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tweed & Plaid

This week was not so great, a friend of mine lost her father and I decided not to post as I usually do during the weekend. Instead I am uploading these photos that were taken a week ago. 
Hopefully next week will be a better one...

H&M blouse; Express skirt; Forever 21 bag; Paris Atelier glasses 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Late New Year's Wishes

I hadn't got the chance to post my outfit for New Year's until now, it's been a very busy weekend and a very good one too; we partied with some good friends and that can't fail I suppose:)
So I decided not to wear the obvious sequin/shiny ensemble for New Year's eve. To tell you the truth I am a bit sick of that trend really, therefore I decided to wear this playful playsuit that I got a while ago from Asos and I combined it with a vintage faux fur coat I got at a thrift store in London  a decade (!) ago, which I never get tired of and will probably stay with me forever. 
so even though I'm a little late- have a happy new year everyone!

Asos playsuit; Vintage coat; Nine West boots; Vintage rings and sunglasses