Sunday, January 6, 2013

Firmoo Glasses

I was recently approached by Firmoo glasses to introduce their glasses on my blog. I must admit, i normally don't do giveaways and things like that but this came at a really good time because I was getting sick of my glasses (Tom Ford) and needed new ones so I thought- why not give it a shot? I was pleasantly surprised by the service, which was very fast and by the quality- I had never ever bought prescription glasses online before, I'm used to doing all those optometry tests before buying glasses, plus I always thought you can't buy glasses without trying them on first, right? well, it was easier than I thought. I just went on their website, picked a pair I liked (you can also upload your photo and see if the glasses fit you) and about 10 days later it arrived by mail with two cases and a kit for repair, very convenient. I put them on and my vision was perfect- big surprise there:) The cool thing about Firmoo is that they are having a big promotion now so any of you can actually order a first pair for free!! They also have sunglasses and you can order without prescription if you're into that. Good luck!