Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Northern Sea

The sun finally came out after ten (!) days of rain and 16 degrees in average...I never thought July could be so wintery...my birthday is in July and for me it always goes hand in hand with boiling hot:)
Apparently the dutch have a real vitamin D deficiency cause every time the sun comes out they come pouring out to the streets and the world seems like a very fun and happy place!
seeing as the sea is one of Israel's strong points and was actually the thing we knew we would miss the most we were thrilled to discover that there actually is a beach here and it's more than just a few icebergs floating alongside penguins:)
Of course we had to check it out! and indeed just 20 minutes from Amsterdam lies a real beach, where people actually wear bathing suits and kids play in the sand. the water is freaking cold but that didn't bother the dutch, they're super resilient. For us a long stroll and some amazing sea food was enough.

Honigman dress (old); H&M cardigan; Aldo sandals; vintage belt;Nine West bag

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Artsy Fartsy

On Friday we went to an expo of the Amsterdam fashion week. There were many events around the city for this occasion but we only got to see some of them. I brought a few photos of what i thought was most interesting- the expo of High Fashion Low Countries  which presented the work of four different designers; you can see their work below. the second thing we enjoyed was the photography exhibition at Foam museum, which presented some of the works of Ron Galella, who is considered the first paparazzi photographer- an absolute delight for all  music/fashion lovers and those who wish they lived in the 70's...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday in Amsterdam

Between hectic apartment searching, job searching and soul searching we have to get some air every now and again, right?
really, in the past 3 weeks we have mostly been in front of the computer- just searching and searching.
Google is our best friend lately.
but on Sunday I just had to get my mind off things and clear my head.
So we heard from a friend there was a market on each first Sunday of the month. It seemed there were many  locals there but the atmosphere was like a festival; there were many kiosks offering various cuisines, a lot of art and design and some music too. If only it was a little bit warmer it would have been perfect!

Asos skirt; castro top; H&M knit; V&D bag; Converse sneakers