Saturday, January 7, 2012

Late New Year's Wishes

I hadn't got the chance to post my outfit for New Year's until now, it's been a very busy weekend and a very good one too; we partied with some good friends and that can't fail I suppose:)
So I decided not to wear the obvious sequin/shiny ensemble for New Year's eve. To tell you the truth I am a bit sick of that trend really, therefore I decided to wear this playful playsuit that I got a while ago from Asos and I combined it with a vintage faux fur coat I got at a thrift store in London  a decade (!) ago, which I never get tired of and will probably stay with me forever. 
so even though I'm a little late- have a happy new year everyone!

Asos playsuit; Vintage coat; Nine West boots; Vintage rings and sunglasses


  1. תמיד תהיתי איך אוברול של אסוס נראה על אישה נורמלית עם פרופורציות הגיוניות ולא דוגמנית של אסוס. נראה עלייך מעולה!
    גם הנעליים מוצלחות מאוד לדעתי.

  2. זה מצחיק שאת אומרת את זה, הסיבה שהזמנתי את זה היא כי ראיתי איך זה נראה על הדוגמנית של הליין ה"שופע" שלהם וחשבתי שזה באמת נראה עסיסי ומגניב. שמחתי לקרא את התגובה שלך:)

  3. Wowwww! Amazing photos!! Love the urban feel, and the glasses! very powerful

  4. Love the coat!!! The look is sooo sexy!

  5. great look great photos! although i do wonder if it isnt under dressed for most new years eve glamour parties...i guess that for Israel nothing will be considered under dressed ...
    in any case, this look brings fun, hip and very cool relaxed feeling so may this year be filled with all that Amen!