Saturday, December 3, 2011

Like a Moss to a Kate

Today was a beautiful day and we decided to drive around and enjoy the sun and we saw this rail track, normally it would be really dangerous to stand on it but the train doesn't run here on Saturdays and we immediately took advantage of the situation...
I got this Kate Moss t-shirt last week, it came all the way from Thailand! 
Kate Moss really is an icon, and not only because she is so successful but also because she changed the standards of beauty in the fashion world- from the glorious amazons of the 80's and early 90's, who were all tall and athletic, to the super skinny, waify, boyish young girls...
Obviously being the opposite of all those things... I enjoy looking at her pictures because she's unique, her personality shines through her pictures and she really doesn't give a damn. Her attitude is intoxicating and her face is so special, I always thought she looked like one of those little girls who were portrayed in paintings from the renaissance or something. In any case, I liked wearing her:)

 T-shirt - ebay
Knit and pants - H&M
shoes -
Bag- News
Arm knits - garage sale 

photos by Amir
Here are a few favorite pictures of Kate in her golden days


  1. The look is so cool and cozy all together! LOVE the arm knits and the way it all combines. Great photos!

  2. Love the arm knits!!!! must have them! and Kate, no words, she is amazing :)

  3. Amazing Pics!
    liked it :D

  4. the arm knits look amazing in this look! good job! kate is so amazing looking no question there only to mention that she was The one to start the heroin look... and not just the look if u what im sayin'....
    anyway love the t-shirt, the whole outfit, the railway and the photos u look unbelievable

  5. I love Kate, and your outfits too:D

  6. היי. אשמח ממש לדעת מאיפה המשקפי שמש בפוסט הזה?תודה ענבל.

  7. הי ענבל, המשקפיים של
    אפשר למצא אותם ב-
    sole Italiano בת"א