Friday, December 9, 2011

Black and White

Where I come from (Tel-Aviv) it really doesn't get cold a lot...and that's an understatement. most of the year is like summer or spring, therefore I do not own many sweaters. I have a few cardigans and a few coats and jackets but I believe the sweater I'm wearing here is the only real sweater I own. I am slightly embarrassed to say I've had it for like ten years now and I haven't bought a new one since, just because it almost never gets cold enough to wear a sweater. Normally I have to dress in the "onion method", meaning layering. 
you can also see it has shrunken a bit over the years and now that I have seen these photos I think it's safe to say I need a new one pronto...but still I like this simple black and white look, combined with the hair band I turned into a necklace- a little trick I was inspired by my neighbor to adopt:)

Sweater - Banana Republic (old)
Jeans - H&M
Bag - Flea Market in Mexico
Watch - Flea Market 
Headband/Necklace - Castro 

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  1. love your john lennon glasses:)