Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Supermodels are back...and they're mad!

When I was growing up I was obsessed with models. It was the 90's and the supermodels were literally  everywhere, especially in music videos and I think that's what made me become interested in fashion in the first place. I used to watch the videos and then go buy the fashion magazines. at first I was only looking for the models but as time went on I started to actually notice the clothes they were wearing....In any case by 2000 models were out and celebrities were in. maybe it was a good thing, I'm not sure but I kind of missed those amazon girls.  Today I saw Duran Duran released a video with 90's models portraying the band members so I decided to make a compilation of supermodel videos for all times sake. enjoy! 
p.s If you got any more videos feel free to share them:)


  1. I think you were referring to this link:
    A.W :))

  2. Great video and idea!! I miss those amazon models also. There was just something special about them, unlike the anonymous, skinny models these days.