Thursday, November 17, 2011

Versace for h&m

Ok, so obviously most of you have  heard of Versace's line for h&m that should be released in a few days. I am not Versace's biggest fan but I really admire the way they stay true to themselves and keep their own style. Their colors are always bright and dominant and the shapes are very feminine, glamorous and sexy. They sure like the "rich bitch" thing. In any case, in this price range that they are offerring through h&m, almost anyone can afford an item and almost anyone can find something that they like in this collection (even just a regular pair of black tights or a leather jacket). 

All these collborations the designers are doing with "low" fashion stores (as opposed to high fashion or haute couture) realy indicate a change in the way the fashion industry percieves itself today, sort of like the democratization of fashion, the motto is "fashion for everyone", and since the big recession of 2008 the motto is also- fashion does'nt have to be expensive. The fact that such a veteran, high-profile brand like Versace would even consider doing such a line indicates a real transformation in the fashion business but also in the world of consumersim in general.
Seems like globalism and the ecommerce have such an effect that even Donatella couldn't ignore. 

After all these words- here are a few images of the pieces I would'nt mind having...

you can view the entire collection here.



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