Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Me and my husband had some fun today with the camera for a portrait I needed for a new blog I am starting to write about my new life here in Amsterdam. If anyone is interested in reading it (in Hebrew) log on to in the next few days or enjoy the rest of the blogs there (there's tons of them).

It was hard for me to choose just one but in the end I chose the one displayed here last.
And now I'm thinking about getting this haircut - like the bottom photos with one side of my head shaved! I rather like it:) what do you think?


  1. first of all the pics are gorgeous!
    second, I liked the one in which you are smiling
    and holding your hair with both hands.
    Good Luck with the new blog.
    I'll be following of course!

  2. beautiful pictures!!!
    There shall be no shaving!!

  3. great pics!
    I really like them.
    Good luck with your mew blog,
    I'm sure it will be good.