Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday at the Supperclub

Last week was my birthday and we wanted to celebrate, after the hermit-like life style we had in the past few weeks, with all the rain etc.
My husband wanted to surprise me so he took me to the Supperclub here in Amsterdam.
It was quite an experience, even though i think it wasn't their busiest night in the week. it is located in a small alley in the city center and there is absolutely no indication at the door that you have arrived. there is no sign, just a Gothic heavy iron door with a lot of little golden squares with various names engraved on them.
we rang the doorbell and entered a big dark room with crazy pictures that seemed like they belonged on the set of True Blood. the host was super nice as she escorted us to the main hall. it basically looks like a club only there are elevated white sofa beds surrounding the space, where you can lie down and relax while a 4 course dinner is served. the DJ played chill out tracks and there was also a very eccentric show, as you can see in the pictures below. all in all it was a very cool experience, the food was good (but not the best you've ever had) and the atmosphere was quite unique.

the performer - Inga Cholmogorova 

H&M dress; Aldo sandals 


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