Monday, June 18, 2012

New Beginnings

After what seemed to be a very long process we moved to Amsterdam last week.
we've been preparing for this move for a long time and the time has finally come. it was a scary thing to do and when we walked into the travel agency and asked for a one way ticket to the Netherlands i was really shaking. but we got so much support from our great families and wonderful friends, which made it much easier for us to finally take the plunge!
the city is as beautiful and as serene as i remembered (we were here last year too), although much more cold that i would have thought it would be in the summer.
our days have been mostly filled by apartment hunting but we have plenty of time to walk around and enjoy the beautiful streets and tunnels.
these are a few selected photos we took. naturally, there will be plenty more to come:)

I have to say I really stood out in this yellow skirt,  most of the ladies here are still dressed in winter clothes so I definitely got some stares and even a few compliments...


  1. wow or should i say wawawiwa.amazing city - amzing photography - amzing life youve got !!! i am so happy 4 u!

  2. מהמם!
    תעשו חיים :)

  3. בהצלחה במקום החדש!

  4. Great pics as always. Looove the pink knit!
    Miss you guys!

  5. אין לי מילים לתאר כמה שאני מקנאת (בעיקר בגלל התמונות! וואו. הכל כל כך יפה).
    אני מקווה שיהיה לכם טוב ותהנו מהחיים שם. כמו כן, את לבושה מהמם והתמונה השניה נהדרת. נראה לי שאמסטרדם עושה לך טוב

  6. Just wonderful! you look so happy :) great photography as always. I really miss you guys...can't wait to see more photos and hear from you :)

  7. דרלינג, זה ניראה מהמם.
    אמסטרדם היא עיר נהרת ממש, למרות מזג האוויר הקריר.
    איזה כיף לכם.
    אני מקווה לראות עוד הרבה פוסטים ושגם תספרי קצת מה אתם עושים כי זה הכי מסקרן.