Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sweater & Leather

I have a thing with leather, it doesn't have to be real but I just love it, it makes everything look more rock n' roll. I always prefer it black because that's just the color that compliments it most but Zara's new collection has really put leather in the spotlight this winter and combined it with everything and I mean EVERYTHING- from t-shirts to sweaters to wool coats and tights. The store looks like an S&M shindig...
Anyway- this sweater is really cool because of the contrast between the over-sized coziness and the fitted sleeves that actually look like long gloves (which I was planning to get myself anyway), especially when worn with leather gloves, and with this weather now I really need any cover I can get!

Zara knit; Hema gloves; Mango pants; H&M clutch & hat; Romwe boots

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