Monday, February 13, 2012

Day & Night

This time we decided to go a little different, it is actually the result of a location that I wasn't sure of and a susnset that didn't leave us much choice. We shot the same look during the day and night, I actually think it turned out quite interesting. This look started from the white vest that I loved and I decided to pair it with a hoodie jumper and a chiffon skirt and the result is a cross between a boxer and a punk chick...
I like those quirky looks sometimes, looking sexy is not always top priority when it comes to fashion, right? 
well, you be the judge:)

photos by Amir

Romwe vest ; Bershka skirt; DIY top; Puma hoodie; Nine West shoes; flea market hand knits 


  1. כיפה אדומה מודרנית!
    איזה יופי.

  2. המקום שהצטלמת בו באור היום נראה פשוט מדהים!!

  3. וואו, איפה נמצא השדה הזה??

  4. thank u for your sweet comment! these picts are lovely!