Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Morning at Jaffa Port

Today we celebrated my father's B-day at the Jaffa Port. Ain't nothing like the beach air to make you feel great. 
Here are some pics we took there. I bought this dress at H&M after I had already seen a Rodarte dress with a similar print on Chloe Sevigny (see below) and absolutely loved it. The colors remind me of the traditional Dutch plates so it seems very European to me, on the other hand there is a Prada monkey shirt that I loved (also see below), which also reminded me of this theme but seems to be more influenced by the African style. In any case, I love H&M for "copying" the most recent pieces from the top designers and letting us common people enjoy some of it too. 

Shoes - Aldo

Wallet/clutch - Emanuel

Head Band/Necklace - Castro

Chloe Sevigny in Rodarte 

Prada Resort 2011 collection
Prada Monkey Shirt

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  1. השמלה יפהפייה עלייך, וההדפס באמת אירופאי
    לוק הורס! לייק, לייק, לייק